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on Yelp
I'm the type of person that gets nervous around any type of doctor's office, but Dr. Z made me feel very relaxed and distracted me with good conversation as she worked. She had gentle hands and made my experience very easy. I would definitely recommend her to those of you who get anxious when visiting the dentist's office.

Petra M., Herndon, VA

on Yelp
Best dentist in town very friendly and caring with gentle hands attentive and follow ups on you. She creates relationship with her patients and always smile. You feel safe and comfortable in her hands and i will never go to another dentist except her. She the best.

Lana H., Herndon, VA

on Yelp
We moved from vienna to sterling And was looking for a new dentist. Few if my neighbors recommended Dr Arwa, my son made ten appointment first for a root canal, he was very pleased with the work so I signed up and went in for a clean up and checkup. My experience was all painless and actually made a friend as the dental assistant plays golf at the same place I frequent. Great dentist and nice clean place.

Newton M., Vienna, VA